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While Tweleve Baskets excelled at their service and design they serverely lacked in responsiveness and appropriate portion size. I had 110 guest at my wedding and there wasn't nearly enough food for all of our guests. I should have known somethin was wrong when I received such delayed responses from the woman who was in charge of my account. There was always some sort of excuse with her, I've been out sick, I'm out of town, a family emergency, etc. Despite all of that we were able to successfully come up with a menu for my guests. I was assured that the menu I'd chosen was plentiful and with the quantities for each food selection there would be plenty of food for my guest. We had a "station" set up, with a salad station, carving station, and sides station. At our sides station I had prime rib, a whole Pig, and salmon. Despite the food being COLD, the carvers were carving deli meat thin slices of prime rib for our guest and still ran out with half of my guest not making it up to the buffet yet. Similarly by the time I entered my cocktail hour (about a half an hour into it) most of the appetizers were gone and the tables completely bare. After spending $10K with them I was severly disappointed in what hey presented at my wedding. Not enough time nor attention was given to my account. After reaching out to the owner with my disappointment in what they had delivered on my wedding day, he informed me the woman who handled my account had been let go and gave me a refund for the prime rib. Despite his efforts to try and mend the situation I obviously only got one shot at my wedding and in my opinion food is a crucial aspect of it and they completely let me and my guests down and for that reason I would NOT recommend Tweleve Baskets Catering for your wedding.
Twelve Baskets Catering Response
Twelve Baskets Catering's reply: Rebeca, we are so sorry about the issue at your wedding regarding the under estimated amount of beef needed for your guests, among other issues. There seems to have been a misunderstanding, as our Chef was under the impression from our employee handling your account, that the beef was meant to be sliced thin and served with rolls as a sandwich, not as full portions of prime rib, which it seems you were hoping for. Regardless of that fact, our Sales Rep should have estimated a higher quantity for your group. We know that weddings are a day of celebration and should be free from stress or anxiety and we have spent the past 40 years striving to do our best to ensure the happiness and enjoyment our clients receive from such celebrations. We are so sorry that this was not your experience. Understandably, it is now a moot point, but this is not typical for our company and we pride ourselves in making happy customers who return to us time and time again - customers who we catered weddings for 25+ years ago, are now entrusting us with the honor of catering their children's weddings. Unfortunately, most of the issues at your wedding were largely due to an employee who was not proficient in some key areas and we found out too late and much to our dismay, that she did not have everything under control as she made it seem nor was she getting back to our clients in a timely manner. Sadly, she was not a good representation of our long time business and service practices and once we discovered this, we resolved the issue. Again, we are very sorry and regret the situation immensely. We hope you can accept our sincerest apologies and the refund we offered you. Should you give us the chance, we would love to have the opportunity to give you a better example of the award-winning Twelve Baskets experience that keeps so many of our clients returning to us and referring their friends and family to us.

About Twelve Baskets Catering

John Bagge grew up on a grain farm in Minnesota until his late teens when his family moved to Seattle. His early roots in gardening and farming made a tremendous impact on his love of food and hospitality. When he started Twelve Baskets as a restaurant back in 1976, he wouldn't have thought it would grow and become so successful. The company began catering in 1978 and the rest is history! We've catered thousands of events over the years and our love of the industry only grows stronger. Adding flavor to philosophy, our team contributes decades of culinary expertise to Twelve Baskets Catering. Whether you need an elegant dinner for 20 to 30, an affordable hor d'oeuvres buffet wedding reception for 350, an outdoor company picnic, or a casual lunch for your corporate meeting, Twelve Baskets Catering is here for you. We take great pride in our work and want your event to be as perfect as you do!